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Although asbestos fibers are a known carcinogen, proper management and control of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) is the most cost-effective way for a building owner or manager to minimize risk to building occupants while controlling costs. The OSHA Asbestos Construction Standard, 29 CFR 1926.1101, requires that the employer communicate the existence of asbestos to building occupants. “Employers and building owners shall identify TSI (thermal system insulation) and sprayed or troweled on surfacing materials as asbestos-containing…” A thorough building survey with bulk material sampling and analysis by accredited personnel is the only way to prove that a presumed asbestos containing material (PACM) does not contain asbestos.

Bulk Surveys

A complete asbestos survey including photos of ACM, AutoCAD© drawings indicating the location and distribution of ACM, field labeled materials, and a complete room-by-room asbestos inventory is the most efficient way to manage asbestos in a building with suggestions for asbestos abatement programs.

Project Design

With an accurate asbestos inventory, professional asbestos abatement design becomes an even more cost-effective approach to proper asbestos removal. Workplace Safety & Health Co., Inc. can assist with asbestos abatement contractor selection and monitor their performance to ensure that the building owner’s risks are properly controlled.

O&M Programs

An accurate asbestos inventory is the basic building block to successful operations and maintenance (O&M) program management. Site-specific asbestos abatement policies, periodic inspections and exposure monitoring are prudent ways for building owners to control asbestos exposure risks to building occupants and visiting contractors. Workplace Safety & Health Co., Inc. has the expertise to partner with you to control risk.

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